The Indian clubs originated centuries ago in India. They were developed by soldiers, police, and others whose caste required strength, agility, balance, physical prowess, and martial arts skill. They were the best kept secret until British officers involved in the annexation of India were surprised to find the natives marvelously expert in swinging Indian clubs in various graceful and fantastic motions, and they noted that besides the great recommendation of simplicity the Indian club practice possesses the essential property of expanding the chest and exercising every muscle of the body concurrently.

Indian Clubs were originally made of wood and some were decorated with ornate painted designs - Bear Clubs on the other hand are made of iron, are smaller and much heavier - but we don't paint them unfortunately...!


The Price List
1 x 10kg
£70.75 inc p/p
2 x 10kg
£127.00 inc p/p




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