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The Bear Routine

Just after the foot and mouth disaster of 2002 Stan celebrated his 50th
birthday. To mark his half century and to raise money for Knoxwood Wild
Animal Centre near Carlisle at the same time he decided to cycle from
Cape Cornwall to Cape Wrath, climbing the Three Peaks in-between. He achieved this tremendous feat of endurance in just 10 days raising 10,000 for Knoxwood Wild Animal Centre. Illustrated herein is both the Original ?Bear? Routine developed Stan?s frightening levels of strength and conditioning, and prepared his body and mind for the rigours of his awe inspiring Cape-to-Cape-Three Peaks feat.
A ?Baby Bear? Routine for mere mortals has been devised as an option for those either new to training or not as robust as Stan.
You can expect a 20% increase in useable strength and a massive boost in fitness by following in his footsteps through this tough 14 week ?bear of a man maker? programme.

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