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THE Long awaited GRIP BIBLE will be available in a few weeks

Over 230 pages full of Grip.

Only 200 1st editions will be signed by the Authors.

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The abiding aim of ?The Grip Bible ? is to spark the imagination of the prospective grip forger, whether they are a recreational or competitive strength athlete, bodybuilder, martial artist or any other sportsperson. ?The Grip Bible? contains all the required knowledge; ranging from methodology such as the LEAD principle, to both common and unique grip exercises with thirty motivational training systems for strengthening the hands and body to realistic yet frightening levels.
As strength and grip training are mutually beneficial ?The Grip Bible? provides the how and why of organising the exercises into over thirty specific programmes, applying over twenty grip training methods and putting it all together into nearly fifty proven strength and bulk training programmes. Furthermore, ?The Grip Bible? explains how to creatively prepare the hands to meet the demands of any sport and has a catalogue of grip feats to astound and inspire the grip forger to attain ever greater heights.
Reading ?The Grip Bible? is the first hammer strike on the anvil before forging the untapped potential in your hands into a Viking?s grip of iron. All this comes with Bear Publishing?s ?cast iron? guarantee that can only result from many decades spent ?nose in books? and then ?under the iron?; that if it is written by Rob Beauchamp and Stan Pike then ? ?It?s gospel!?
Let the gym become the arena where YOU have the opportunity to become a hero with...

A Viking?s Grip Of Iron

Steve Angell

1. 9 Times World Drug Free Weightlifting Champion
2. 9 Times British Heavyweight Strandpulling Champion
3. British & World Deadlift Champion
4. British Drug-free Strongest Man Winner 1997
5. IAWA Hall of Fame inductee
6. The only man in the world to lift the ledgendary Dinnie Stones 20 times in 1 hour.

?In a world where grip training has become amazingly popular, the only thing that lets it down are the over inflated egos of some of the self-proclaimed grip superstars. You will not get any of that in this book. It has been written by two humble strength athletes who want nothing but great results for the readers of their book.
Be prepared to do the same thing with your old grip books as one guy did with his other kettlebell books after buying Rob and Stan?s other reference book ?The Kettlebell Bible? from Amazon. He wrote in their feedback section, ?I had bought two books on kettlebells by Pavel Tsatsouline before I received this book. Now both of those gather dust on the bookshelves whilst I use the kettlebell bible as a constant reference.? After reading ?The Grip Bible? all your old grip books may just be gathering dust as well.?

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