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Despite being nothing more than an iron ball with a fixed handle the Kettlebell has stood the test of time, as its history can be traced as far back as the ancient Greeks and beyond. By combining Olympic style weight-lifts with conventional and some forgotten but none-the-less valuable Olde-time exercises the Kettlebell provides the combined benefits of cardio and weight training in one devastatingly effective fitness-tool. But, because the nature of a Kettlebell constantly forces you to control and stabilise both body and Kettlebell, it provides a unique training effect that no other type of exercise can match.

Along with all these physical advantages the Kettlebell requires very little time or space to exercise with and is also easily stored and transported, thus providing all-round fitness training anywhere – any time, which is as convenient for those in a busy home or office as it is for those in the confined space of a ship or military base. Exercising with a Kettlebell provides a very different but enjoyable, fat-burning and stress-busting workout that results in a healthy mind in a healthy body, and offers all the vital benefits of strength training but combined with those of Yoga, Pilates and aerobic exercise – all at the same time that develops a body that is as robust and strong as it is proportionate and graceful.

The Kettlebell builds not only agility and real core stability but also a powerful heart that supplies a coordinated team of flexible muscles imbued with functional strength-endurance and speed, particularly those of the legs, hips and back. So, the “holy grail” of fitness-tools is at last within your reach as the Kettlebell really is A Total Gym In The Palm Of Your Hand ©!