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Hi Stan

please find feedback on book:.

"I received the kettlebell bible - you and Rob certainly did a great job!.
I have all the other kettlebell books out there in my collection but your's added to the basics found there and and then some.
Nice that it combines and encompasses and discusses all the various applications of kettlebells (old lifts, strength endurance,power and muscular development) as well as the possible inclusion of other forms of strength training (bodyweight, strongman tools etc..) With the black and white photos (many) and professional format of binder and spine (nice touch) this looks great but is practical to take into the gym to actually use.
I can't wait for the grip training book you mentioned especially if it's of the same high calibre.I'm really glad I bought it - good job ,great book".

Dave Vass

Im interested in your kettlebell DVD. How much is the s&h to Finland?

P.S. I think the Kettlebell Bible is by far the best and most complete kettlebell book I have read. If I could have only one kettlebell book, I would choose the Kettlebell Bible, hands down!

Seppo Vesala. Finland

Sorry to bother you again Stan. Two things, first I just received the book
and it is fantastic! Completely surpassed my expectations, so thank you
very much for the obvious hard work you've put into it.

Christian Pearson

just got your book in mate..its absolute class. Davie Easton, Crossfit, Scotland.

thanks for the prompt delivery of fantastic book, only browsed it but im sure its going to be fantastic for my up and coming tour.

Jason Parker.

Stan, When is the next book out? you mentioned Bear Clubs ! whatever, put my name on a signed copy.

Alan Richardson

Stan and Rob, a great book, so much to learn, I have not put it down since I received it

Many thanks to you Both Ian G.

Dear Stan,
I have just received the book and it is fantastic, as described in the Globe & Laurel (Royal Marines journal).


Dear stan, received the book, the problem with being interested in obscure training systems such as kettlebells and clubbells is that you have to spend a (expletive) fortune on gathering all the info you can get, because certain people have monopolised the market and only give you dribs and drabs of info to keep you interested and charge a fortune for the privilege, this book has all the info you need to know about kettlebells, you could even knock a certain person off his very large pedestal with this book, you just need to write one about clubbells now, great piece of work. Greg

The Kettlebell Bible is in my opinion the best book ever written on the subject of kettlebell training. This book is a must for any one from the complete beginner right up to world champions. This is truly the closest anyone has come to writing a complete sports science guide to kettlebell training.

Steve Angell.

Nine Times Drug Free all-round weightlifting world champion

To obtain the amount of information contained within this one book, I would need to buy several other publications and still not have all the information given.

Many Thanks Stan and Rob for a great work.

Robert A Fenwick


To Buy This Unique Cradle to Grave Compendium Here

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