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I have trained in all sorts of ways for the last 42 years since I was twelve; at that age I was able to lift 16 stone bags of wheat. I trained for ten years, Shotokahn and Go Ju Rue martial arts with Sensei Harry Cook, well renowned for his dedication to the arts; I attained my 1st kyu but failed to attempt my black belt because of injury. I have also completed half marathons and for the last 26 years I have dedicated my life to the art of the Traditional Blacksmith. I am the only man to have cycled from Cape Cornwall to Cape Wrath (967 miles) in ten days and climbed Mount Snowdon, Sca Fell and Ben Nevis in between, all at the age of fifty. At that age I also benched 467lbs on a 65mm diameter bar for 2 reps, I turned a 675lb barrel end-over-end a complete 360‘ from the ground and I closed the No.3 “Captain of Crush” TM gripper. I have recently cycled from Scotland to Wales 350 miles in ten days at 52 years old and currently squeeze 84.5 kilo with my right hand, 73 kilo left on Robert Baraban`s dynamometer. Unassisted lift of The Dinnie Stones, 785lbs 17th November 2006. Again in June 2010 at the age of 58 years I performed two unasisted partial lifts of The Dinnie Stones now the oldest man ever to lift these stones unasisted. In 2009 I came 4th in The World Masters Highland Games at Inverness, taking a silver and two bronze medals. I do not profess to be a trainer, coach, super athlete, strong or anything else, I just love to train and TRAIN HARD!



I began my affinity with the “iron” with my father’s old exercise set “training” in our back garden during the summer holidays at the age of ten years old. My lifting built physique and conditioning naturally led me to the Royal Marine Commandos, then subsequently to their Physical Training Branch eventually studying to become a Remedial Instructor (a services sports therapist). The pinnacle of my career was being selected as an instructor for the Royal Marines Physical Training School. My career in the Corps has indeed been a double edged sword, as I have often spent many months deployed away from any form of weights equipment and yet it has provided a myriad of experiences and personal developmental opportunities.
Such as teaching me to improvise along with spending a lot of time researching and experimenting to find the most efficient methods of developing all-round physical fitness, specifically for the marines and it is this that lead me to the Kettlebell, during the prolonged rehabilitation of a career threatening back injury. As both my experience with and respect for Kettlebells grew, so the Kettlebell began to influence and become integrated into every single aspect of my strength and conditioning programmes.

Looking back on my career experience and training achievements such as completing back-to-back marathons; performing 270 over-hand pull ups with 270 parallel bar dips inside 30 minutes; barbell squatting 200lbs for 90 repetitions within 5 minutes; squatting 315 lbs for 20 consecutive repetitions; deadlifting 405lbs (two-and-a-half times my then bodyweight) for a triple and snatching a 72lb Kettlebell for 112 repetitions in 8 minutes, I believe that I can justify my part in the writing of the Kettlebell Bible by earning the reader’s respect, especially as all of this has been accomplished despite having had many obstacles placed in my path over the last twenty seven years of my fitness career. However, the greatest aspect of my own training is the enjoyment and camaraderie that comes with it.
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