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When we first got together it was to discuss and write the Kettlebell Bible©, which initially was going to be nothing more than a Kettlebell exercise technique guide, over the weeks it became apparent that it was growing beyond that and that we had more to offer the exercise community than mere a list of exercise coaching points.

Our talks, usually down the phone or occasionally over a “dram,” exposed joint pet hates about exercise books; firstly, that certain publishers did not give all the information in one book, a ploy that makes the publisher money but is infuriating to those of us that have to buy all those books.

Secondly, that many fitness books are misleading to say the least, written by arm chair ghost writers who have no REAL practical experience, a practice that has been going on in most of the bodybuilding magazines since the fifties where real training advise was lost in order to promote the publishers dubious products, often with promises that were too good to be true! Bear Publishing is founded on the telling of the whole truth over commercialism, providing honest training advice for the average person, without the need to resort to chemical assistance to make the programmes work.

Lastly, that most fitness books are not original but simply re-writes along a common theme. We all would agree that nothing much new has been around in the fitness world, especially the Iron Game for a long, long time, despite much research; the message is pretty much the same – “working hard but not for long” on a recovery based programme provides the biggest fitness payback.

So, we decided there and then that we would only publish original books with nothing held back and using a seriously potent fitness mix of time proven Olde-time training methods combined with “cutting edge” sports science, but with one caveat – everything we put in print would be firstly tried and tested by us personally, and then by those who we train in order to provide fitness advice grounded on our seventy plus years of real life, “under the iron” training experience