Kettlebell Fun

Much emphasis is placed on function nowadays in the fitness industry; it seems to be the buzzword of the day. We have a whole host of self proclaimed exercise gurus banging on about function, form and “muscles for show vs. muscles for go”. For the past few years’ kettlebells have seen a surge in popularity everywhere but here in Blighty. However, that is changing thanks to a few pioneers!! The word is spreading about this amazing piece of kit. Now if you’re a spandex-clad Mr. Motivator type who trains with Ken & Barbie weights DO NOT read any further, this training is not for you.
Combat athletes should train with kettlebells in order to maximise their potential. The following programme is based on Stan Pike’s 20/20 routine:
Start with 20 two-hand swings immediately do 1 push-up, rest for 30 seconds then perform another 20 swings followed by 2 push-ups. You continue on as far as you can go. The number of swings is always 20, the push-ups increase by 1 rep every time. Performing a push-up in this manner is referred to as “ladder” training.
It may look something like this: 20 swings – 1 push-up.
20 swings – 2 push-ups.
20 swings – 3 push-ups.
20 swings – 4 push-ups.
20 swings – 5 push-ups.
Remember to rest no more than 30 seconds between each set!
20 sets would give you 400 swings and 210 push-ups. 30 sets would get you 600 swings and 465 push-ups! Not bad for the time it takes.
The ladder element of this workout can be substituted for anything you like.
If you’re really tough do it with explosive burpees.

If not, stick to pink dumbbells!!

Barry Gibson.


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