Well, this is my page and gives me the opportunity to let you see what I get up to. As someone recently said to me " if your gonna talk it, you gotta walk it" I think he meant, don't talk about it just do it.

Some Canny Lifts.

Unassisted lift of The Dinnie Stones, 785lbs 17th November 2006. The lift was witnessed by Steve Angell and Craig Beedie, the new landlord of the Potarch Hotel
The bigger stone weighs over 400lbs. The stones have rings attached to them as they were once used for tying up horses. The way to lift those stones is to do both at the same time by the rings handles. The handles are not very big which adds to the difficulty.



Again JUne 2010. Oldest man in the world to lift them Unassisted.




17th November 2006. The Inver Stone goes up three times
The Inver Stone was, and for that matter still is, a smooth, gray granite boulder shaped through the centuries by the Dee River into an almost perfect sphere weighing 268 pounds.



Again six lifts June 2010.



Hang On Tight!

I love grip work. From holding on to a ten pound note to hanging off a cliff edge - grip to me is important. If your grip is not sufficient, you are going to struggle lifting heavy weights. The kettlebell has a 75mm think handle and is one of my favorite toys. The 165lbs Anvil was Lifted by the point with one hand.








Bend It Like a Bear

In the days of old, they used to say, the test of true strength and grip, is to take a horse shoe and then try to twist it. Doesn't sound like much does it? But if you think about it, a horse shoe by its very nature in manufacture, is a heat treated piece of iron - its got to be tough to withstand a tonne of horse pounding on it.

One Man And His Dog..

I hear the excuses and I'm sure you've heard them yourself. You show someone your routines what you do, maybe a friend or member of the family, and they say, " that looks great - but I'm too busy to start training." The truth of the matter is, you're never too busy to train. All you have to do is incorporate training into your life-style. There's always the opportunity to do something, no matter how small. Wallace (the slightly better looking of the two) and I go for long walks in the countryside, and if I feel the need I take a couple of dumbbells along for company...

The Highlanders Guide To Kettlebell Swinging


I take an old bath towel, thread it through a 16kg KB, keep a tight hold of the ends of the towel and slowly start swinging it around my body, gradually building up the speed as I go. It really pumps the shoulders and arms.

Please! Please! Please remember: Don't attempt this indoors or near your friends, family, the car, windows or pets! And don't let go!!! You don't need a heavy KB to try this but PLEASE BE CAREFUL!!!!!

When the fire goes out, bend it cold.

16mm round bar x 37" long. not to bad to bend.
10mm round x 10" long. Hard.
8mm round, hair pinned. Fairly easy.
Horse Shoe, twisted. Fairly easy.
Iron Mind Red Nail, partial bend. Very Hard.


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