1% of your day: 1 Basic Exercise: 1 Piece of Equipment.

Similar training tools like Kettlebells were first used over 2000 years ago by Ancient Greek Athletes. Recently they have risen from history and have acquired the hype and myth of being a hard man, special forces training tool. This may be true BUT however Kettlebells are for every one. Hitting the right places to tone and shape.

Kettlebells will help to, strengthen tendons, ligaments and increase bone density.

How long do you need to Train?. 1% of your day, 20 minuets
What do you do?. Two Hand Swings
What do you need?. One Kettlebell.

That's it?!!, YES, if you swing a Kettlebell for 20 minuets per day in reps of 10 - 20 you will tone your body, increase your strength and endurance improve fat loss and improve core stability without looking like a muscle monster.

"tums-bums and thighs" I hate the phrase, but that's where the basic swing will hit you, as well as giving you a cardio vascular workout thus improving your stamina and endurance, as well as your grip and also toning the back of the upper arm "triceps".


There are many more bolt on exercises associated with Kettlebell training, the two hand swing being the most basic, but one of the most effective.



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