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This Trap-bar has rotating D shaped handles that can be locked in position before a lift, it also allows the lifter to maintain a more upright posture within the frame. Standing inside the bar, it allows the center of mass to be kept closer to the body and in one horizontal line and as a result, improves balance and eliminates interference via the legs. The maintaining of upright posture is important as less shearing forces are exerted on the spine. Through use of the Trap-bar, lifters can efficiently work the back and legs at the same time whilst simultaneously reducing lower back stress substantially. Put Simply the Trap-bar will allow you, the trainee to do high intensity workouts with substantially less risk of painful injury.

Overall length approximately 48" (1m 21cm)

Price: 245.00 inc carriage.


Additional diameter handles available from 30mm to 75mm Price: £35.00 per pair

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