Intensefitness proudly present there first Kettlebell DVD.

Safe and Effective use of Kettlebells: Training for Strength and Endurance.

Cut up and loose weight, increase your stamina and endurance with Kettlebell Swings alone.

Increase your Grip strength.

Develop all over body strength with isolation Kettlebell grinding drills.

Swings, Cleans, Snatches, Shoulder Press, Isolation exercises,

Hammer, Windmill, One Arm get up and more.

Cost £18 plus £2.00 Registered p&p. Running time 48 minuets.

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Stan Pike accompanied by his lovely wife Sue, breakdown the core foundation level 1 exercises for essential Kettlebell training. Showing that Kettlebell training is not just for the big and strong. But also for any strength and size, male or female.
With excellent slow-motion shots that clearly show the full movement of the whole body.
This DVD is a must for anyone wishing to excel in Kettlebell training and I highly recommend it.
Anthony Rushton
Martial Art Instructor
The DVD as I mentioned earlier, is set brilliantly. The pace of the video, the focus on detail when explaining the drills, and the care and attention paid to proper form are second to none. Kettlebell drills are not for the faint of heart, I know that much already, so how great it is to be taken professionally through the movements through the DVD.
Steve Kenny
Liverpool, England

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