Kettlebells, Boxing and Fitness Training in Liverpool


Liverpool Rotunda Amateur Boxing Club's Highly Experienced Boxing Coach and Personal Trainer, Mick McAllister uses Stan Pike's British-Made 'Intense Fitness' Kettlebells as part of his overall training programme designed to help up-and-coming young boxers develop the strength, stamina and explosive power necessary to become a champion in their chosen sport.

Over the last 30 years, the Rotunda Boxing Club has produced many champions in the 'noble art', including amongst many others, Paul Smith, who following a glittering amateur career - is now a professional boxer and a serious contender for the world title.

From the recently formed ranks of women boxers, Rotunda-trained Natasha Jonas is unique in being one of the first women boxers to represent their country in the Olympic Games. Having distinguished herself at both the London Olympics in 2012 and also at the Commonwealth Games in Scotland in 2014, Natasha is without doubt an extremely skillful boxer and a superbly fit young athlete.

Yet another up-and-coming young Rotunda boxer is Tom Whittaker Hart, currently training with the Great Britain squad with the ultimate objective of winning a Gold Medal in the Light Heavyweight Division at the next Olympic Games, due to be held in Brazil in 2016. Good Luck Tom - Be sure to keep swinging those Kettlebells!

The ever-busy Mick McAllister makes both his coaching skills and the club's superb training facilities in Lambeth Road, Liverpool available to members of the public every Saturday morning, when Mick runs a Strength, Conditioning and General Fitness class. If you happen to live in the Liverpool area and would like to benefit from Mick's experience and expertise, you are duly invited to give him a ring on: .


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