!!! Always consult your doctor before engaging in any strenuous physical activity !!!

Are your Kettlebells made in the UK?

All our products are manufactured in the United Kingdom. They are all hand finished and guaranteed for life.

What size Kettlebell do I need to start with ?

Depends on your physical condition. If you are reasonably fit and do some sort of training a 10 kilo kettlebell is a good start. If you are training fairly hard and reasonably strong, try a 16 kilo. HOWEVER, Kettlebells are not for the faint hearted, if you have not trained with Kettlebells before then you cant compare them with anything else. If your not sure START LIGHT. We suggest women start with a baby bell at 6 kilo.

Why train with Kettlebells?

I personally believe Kettlebells are probably one of the most sophisticate and primitive body conditioning tool there is. Through basic kettlebell training people are experiencing fat loss, increase in stamina, tone, muscle and also flexibility.

Do you supply training instructions ?

We have produced our own DVD and training manual. here

Can women use them ?

Kettlebells are for everyone.

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