Routine by Stan Pike.
Ever wondered why you just cannot lose that weight you want to, after all you do your aerobics or running religiously. Your gym fees are paid on time you have the best kit for the job, hell what else can you do?
Stop doing the ineffective training that you have been doing for a start, it must be ineffective other wise you would have reached your goals by now, surely?
Lets look at the situation, aerobics burn calories, so that long steady run is killing the fat?. The wonderful thing about the body is that it adapts very quickly to any given stress/training. The unfortunate thing about the body is that it adapts very quickly to any given stress/training, here in lies the problem.
So that long steady run that you have been doing 3 times a week is creating a calorific deficit but as your body adapts to the runs and becomes more efficient you will burn less calories, lets look at your car, it hasn't been serviced for a while the engine is slowly being come less efficient and is using more petrol you get it tuned immediately becomes more efficient and the MPG improves, that is what your body is doing when it adapts to your training stress.
So what are we going to do about this, easy really run further or longer, well lets fit that into your busy schedule, or run faster that will increase calorific deficit, but remember the body adapts very quickly so you must change you must run faster, further and or quicker all the time.
Lets look at the title of this article 20/20, this is a training programme that will literally fit into any ones busy life style, that's twenty minutes of exercise that can be done absolutely anywhere, let me explain that's 20 repetitions of an exercise in 20 sets for 20 minutes. The exercise in particular is theTwo Hand Kettle bell swing. The swing uses all the major muscle groups and thus burns lots of calories it can tighten and that dreaded word "tone" hips, glutes and thighs, now come on ladies that must be a dream come true.
So how do we do this, well you set your watch for 20 minutes and press go you then do 20 swings and then you may rest the remainder of the minute, immediately the minute is up you again do 20 swings, and so on and so forth for the remainder of the 20 minutes.
Sounds easy, give it a go.
Adaptation, so we are back to the same scenario, easy to fix cut the rest time down, add an extra workout in do 4 instead of three, increase the weight.
20/20 benefits, you are getting a stronger leaner body that is more functional for every day living.
The swing will teach how to engage your muscles correctly whilst picking things up thus protecting your lower back.
The muscle that you have re-awoken then burns extra calories all the time, even whilst you're asleep, this is common sense, muscle is living tissue and is active all the time.
Bonus time,
Think of the extra time you will have on your hands, No gym fee's, so more money to treat yourself.



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