Centurion Circuit by Mike Lawson

Although the origins of the ‘Centurion Circuit’ are lost in the mists of time, my Grandfather, an old Highland Games enthusiast he used the routine regularly well before the First World War of 1914-18 in order to strengthen his grip, wrists, and forearms and help build the explosive power necessary for him to toss cabers, throw heavy hammers, or pitch a 56 lb (25 kilo) ring weight over a 13 or 14 ft high bar with one hand. Apparently the use of both Kettlebells and Ring Weights was not uncommon in Scotland during the reign of Queen Victoria, and even earlier. From what he had been told as a boy, my Grandfather believed that the use of Kettlebells, or something very similar made out of bronze, were used by the Roman soldiers garrisoning Hadrian’s Wall. Speculation apart, I can tell you from personal experience that the Centurion Circuit is an excellent exercise routine. I commend it to you without hesitation.



OLD ONE HUNDRED A tradional kettlebell challenge, demanding a combination of handling skills, strength and stamina. This testing kettlebell routine consists of five specified exercises, which must be completed one after anotherin a continous, smooth flowing circut, amounting to a total of 100 reps, which have to be completed within 3 minuets.


  1. ONE HAND SPIN TO CHEST HEIGHT) 10 reps right 10 reps left
  2. ALTERNATE HAND TO HAND SPINS (TO SHOULDER HEIGHT) 10 reps right 10 reps left
  3. AROUND THE BODY PASS, 10 reps clockwise, 10 reps anti-clockwise.
  4. ALTERNATE HAND TO HAND SWINGS. The kettlebell changeover must take place at shoulder height at the top of each forward swing, making a combined total of 20 continuous right to left hand and left to right hand swings.
  5. TWO HANDED (PALMS UPPERMOST) REVERSE SWING AND SPIN. Competitors must complete a 360 degree kettlebell spin at chest height on the culmination of each swing. Total 20 reps.

NB A SPIN is defined as a complete 360 degree revolution of the kettlebell on leaving the competitors hand, and before being re-cought.



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