Squat-Thrust or Burpee
One of the most common non-weighted exercises has to be the simple burpee. For all this exercise is one of the most common it has to be one of the most questioned.
A burpee is also known as a squat-thrust and has long been recognised for its worth in promoting overall body conditioning, FAST.
To perform a burpee is relatively simple yet proper execution is imperative.
1. Start by assuming a pushup position with the feet together. Hands shoulder width apart.
2. Quickly draw your knees towards your chest. Your knees will now be between your arms.
3. Explode upwards elongating your body as much as possible legs fully extended arms above the head, “reach for the sky”.
4. Upon landing immediately shoot both legs back to the starting position ensuring that you extend them fully. You will now be supporting most of your bodyweight on your arms, once again in the pushup position.
5. Repeat!
This exercise is performed at a rapid speed. Generally look to perform anywhere between 10 and 15 per 30 seconds. As a rough guide 1 burpee for every 2 seconds is considered good going.
As with most exercises there are some interesting variations. Before progressing onto these variations I would suggest that you attain a sufficient base level of fitness in the regular burpee, set this base level at 30 consecutive but it will vary from individual to individual.
Burpee to chinup
Stand under a high chinup bar. Perform your burpee as normal and upon “reaching for the sky” grab hold of the bar and perform a chinup. Drop back down and continue as if you have just performed a regular burpee.
This can also be done on one or two ropes.
Burpee with pushup
Simply start by performing a pushup and end by performing a pushup.




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