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6kg Kettlebell inc p/p 35.00

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8kg Kettlebell inc p/p 40.00

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11kg Kettlebell inc p/p 50.70.
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14kg Kettlebell inc p/p 61.80

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16kg Kettlebell inc p/p 68.20

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20kg Kettlebell inc p/p 98.00

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25kg Kettlebell inc p/p 108.50
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32kg Kettlebell inc p/p 128.40
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40kg Kettlebell inc p/p 154.00
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45kg Kettlebell inc p/p 170.50
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To Buy two Kettlebells of the same or different weights add the basic Kettlebell price together then the carrige cost of 10.00 up to 10 kilo plus 70p per kilo thereafter.

Example: 1 x 16k + 1 x 25 kilo = 142.00

Carriage: 31kilo @ 0.70p= 21.70 + 10.00 = 21.70.

Total = 163.70.

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Starter Set. 11k,8k,6k. inc p/p 125.00 Buy Now
INTERMEDIATE SET. 25K,20K,16K. inc p/p 259.00 Buy Now
CHAMPIONSHIP SET. 32k,25k,16K. inc p/p 269.00 Buy Now

MASTERS SET. 32k,40k,45k.Price inc p/p 439.00

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Steel Plate-loading Kettlebell Starting weight 7kg take it to 23k 82.00 inc p/p Buy Now

NOTE: Carriage Costs Are UK only.

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